Pioneering the path towards AI-powered clinical trial prediction and optimisation

About Us

Our vision is to set the benchmark as the leading platform for predicting, simulating, and optimising clinical trials worldwide. 

Opyl is a new generation, Australian digital health company that specialises in the application of artificial intelligence to enhance clinical trial design and forecast outcomes, thereby empowering clinical researchers, biopharmaceutical corporations, and medical investors to understand and improve trial design, development, and delivery.


Clinical trials are the foundation of medical progress, yet among 30,000+ trials that commence annually, only 10% succeed.

In harnessing the power of AI and GPT-4 to analyze real world trial data, Opyl empowers users with a clinical trial prediction and design optimisation platform called TrialKey, boasting of a market-leading accuracy rate of +90%.


Opyl’s AI model is trained using data from 65,000+ historical trials and 700+ variables, currently generating a +90% accuracy rate in predicting the possibility of success of any clinical trial. 

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