Opyl’s technology research and development pipeline provides lifescience developers and healthcare providers with unprecedented insight and data optimisation opportunities.

Opyl has a suite of technology opportunities in development that are designed to:

  • Optimise clinical research capabilities;
  • Improve and expand evidence-based decision making in health and research;
  • Accelerate and improve clinical research and study protocol designs;
  • Support knowledge transfer and access to health data.

We address technology development with a privacy by design approach. Data is valuable and we are moving into a connected world in which data sovereignty and data ownership and privacy will be increasingly important.

Our vision is to create a platform where patients can manage access to or even donate their health data from clinical health records, social media, apps and wearables to medical research.

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Facebook is a business-critical tool in recruiting participants into clinical studies.

One of our flagship research projects is MediaConsent Clinical. Originally designed as an integrated rights management platform for marketing professionals, the functional design of MediaConsent was reimagined in late 2018 to be modified and applied to the clinical research sector.

MediaConsent Clinical aggregates structured and unstructured data from multiple sources giving consumers or patients absolute control over their health data and the ability to contribute their data to medical research.

MediaConsent Clinical may also provide researchers to an unprecedented level and type of data that could transform behavioural and observational studies but also creates a valuable opportunity to partner with patients in research.

Initially developed in the US, the research and development of the platform has now been successfully transferred to Australia. The Australian Opyl technology team has recommenced development and is working with local collaborators.