Opyl uses AI and novel methodologies to understand the real lived experience of patients and carers in designing clinical interventions that change outcomes.
These days, we are far more willing to share our health data and opinions than ever before — particularly if doing so will improve our overall health experience and help other people.

Core services accessible at Opyl include:

A core service that Opyl provides is in compliant and ethical recruitment of volunteers and participants to clinical studies via social media. Our team is familiar with HRECS and compliant with the relevant codes both in the research sector and the code of conduct required by social media platforms to be able to advertise and engage successfully.

Our team are great listeners and observers. Market research intelligence is changing and sources of data are expanding thanks to social media. Identifying unmet clinical needs and identifying market access opportunities and the messages most likely to activate an audience are where we excel. We apply AI towards understanding the behaviours of global and local markets in a way that old-school market research simply can’t.

Our team have expertise in using artificial intelligence tools and methodologies to provide deep insight into behaviours, beliefs, needs, barriers, and opportunities to advance innovative life technologies and clinical interventions.

Our approach is to collect and analyse continuous real world data, generated by every one of us, shared to a number of digital platforms, along with typical objective clinical data to guide and support individuals and organisations toward achieving improved health and wellness goals.


Patients become partners in a new digital health research paradigm.