Introducing Opin

Opin is a clinical trial recruitment platform created by Opyl that leverages best-in-class social media, search engine optimisation technologies and emerging artificial intelligence science, matching patients directly to clinical trials.

The Opin approach empowers patients active on social media and the internet, who may be searching for health information and research opportunities related to their condition, to identify and express an interest in any registered clinical trial or research study anywhere in the world.

We take data privacy and security very seriously.  Our job is to ensure all participant information shared with us, and that may be subsequently shared with a trial or study, is protected, and held securely.  Opin has achieved interim HIPAA compliance.  HIPAA is a global standard for sensitive patient data protection. Companies that deal with protected health information (PHI) must have the physical, network, and process security measures in place and follow them to ensure and maintain HIPAA Compliance. 

Accelerating clinical trial recruitment

Opin brings a digital focus to clinical trials and research studies and makes the process of patients and carers understanding and accessing research opportunities simple and secure.

Patients using the Opin platform experience a digital triage service that quickly assesses their eligibility for your trial or study opportunity. Opin’s proprietary technology and best-in-class social media precision marketing methodologies mean the process of matching and applying to clinical trials and research studies is personalised, accurate and secure. This results in a significant reduction in screening burden for trial sites, increased performance for sponsors and simple access to novel therapies for patients.

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Why We Created Opin

People living with diseases and conditions are seeking emerging therapies and treatments to improve their quality of life or to even potentially cure them. However, the lack of accessible information on clinical trials has made it difficult for patients to engage with the latest medical research and the best minds in medicine.

While, insufficient participation in medical research and clinical trials has delayed the development and increased the cost of new treatments, devices, diagnostics and interventions. 80% of clinical trials fail to recruit patients on time or on budget. Each day a pharmaceutical or device trial is delayed, it can cost between USD$600,000 and USD$8 million in lost sales revenue.

What if there is a simpler way for medical researchers and patients to find each other?

Opyl created Opin as an answer to improve clinical trial recruitment. By empowering patients, Opin connects self-selected and motivated patients with medical researchers to improve access to novel medical innovations, to improve efficiencies in recruitment and to reduce the cost of treatment development.

The Opin Advantage

For patients, Opin uses artificial intelligence to match patients and volunteers to clinical trials by medical condition, location and distance prepared to travel. The entire matching process is simple, secure and free for patients. When new studies and trials begin recruiting, our artificial intelligence automatically identifies suitable, self-selected patients registered on the Opin platform and sends them an alert.

For clinical trial investigators, sponsors, sites and CROs, Opin’s empowered patient-to-trial approach aims dramatically reduce recruitment timelines, increases reach and improve identification of eligible patients. Clinical trials can be featured on the Opin platform as well as have their call for patients amplified with Opin’s social media and search engine expertise.

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