Welcome Nick Lam!

We are pleased to welcome Nick Lam who is joining Opyl as our new Social Media Technical Specialist.

Nick joined the team mid-November 2020 and is excited to bring his extensive skills in digital marketing, design, and analytics to Opyl.

Nick has always had a fascination with the digital health space (he began his undergraduate studies in nursing) intensified by the accelerated adoption of digital communication channels he was observing over the past year, by healthcare professionals, government, pharmaceutical and biotech companies in response to COVID-19, and the need to quickly access and share clinical information.

“Since COVID, the healthcare sector has intensified adoption of digital technologies, including telehealth and health data analytics. We’re seeing cross-industry collaborations that are unprecedented and very exciting, giving rise to increased use of social media data and channels to amplify research, support patients, improve clinical trials and connect healthcare providers to information.”

Having graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in media and communications as well as creative writing, Nick has worked in digital marketing roles both agency side and in-house, covering more than a dozen industries over the last two years.

Nick’s role at Opyl will be focussed predominantly in applying his extensive knowledge of paid social media strategies and tactics as well as his advanced skills in capturing and analysing native social media platform data to growing Opyl’s clinical trial recruitment projects and revenue.

Employed during the second lockdown in Melbourne last year, Nick described his initial discussions with CEO Michelle Gallaher as eye-opening, and his interest was particularly piqued when Michelle mentioned the importance of “psychological safety” for all employees as the key to driving innovation, disruption and creativity.

“I believe this is truly important for businesses who seek continuous growth. We try, we fail, we learn, refine, and we try again. There is a vast amount of improvement that can be realised in using social media to recruit to clinical trials.”

Nick believes Opyl are pioneers in this space and that we have an agreed philosophy and approach that supports evidence-based experimentation, continuous trial and error-learning and the freedom to trial novel use of data, content, and technologies to achieve results.

Nick has a growth mindset, willing to try something new and not afraid to tackle challenges head-on. He enjoys exploring new places and getting away from the “noise” every once in a while to recharge. Nick says that the biggest influence in his life is his mother who has largely shaped his approach to life.

“She took the role as a mother and a father in my life, and what she has done for me cannot be described with words,” Nick explained, “The way that she has had to shift between different roles, usually played by two parents, has influenced on how I approach everything, knowing that there are always alternative paths to approaching the same issue. If one doesn’t work, try another way.”

We are excited to have Nick join the team – welcome Nick!


You can find Nick Lam on LinkedIn here.