Welcome, Michael O’Connor!

We are pleased to welcome Michael O’Connor who is joining Opyl as our new Analytics and Insights Manager.

With a background in health and education, Michael O’Connor is a research-driven communications specialist.

After his interview with CEO Michelle Gallaher in early November 2020, Michael knew that Opyl was where he wanted to be. As someone who is naturally inquisitive and analytical, Michael was thrilled with the opportunity to delve into his passion for health data at Opyl. Michael is renowned for his extensive and innovative research skills, ability to identify data insights and for delivering successful communication strategies that solve business problems for clients.

“As someone that has always been curious, often asking ‘why’, I am very happy to be moving into a sector that is rapidly growing and evolving,” Michael said. “I bring a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of clients in the innovation sector, having worked on a wide range of projects and challenges with global corporates and in particular pharma businesses. I want to build upon Opyl success, open up new offerings and markets, and help us grow.“

Michael’s career journey has been full of change and valuable learnings. Michael began his career in health and education, but decided on a strategic change in his mid-twenties to converge and accelerate his expertise. This led to a degree in Public Relations and Communication from Deakin University, and then to working in healthcare/pharmacy communications and reputation management with a major global agency. Since then, he has worked across a range of business areas during the last four years including health/pharmaceutical PR, reputation and crisis management, corporate communications and most importantly, data and social media analytics which led him toward Opyl.

Michael is determined, passionate and constantly looking at opportunities to learn, discover and improve. He understands the importance of a growth mindset, authenticity and transparency in business and has been putting this into practice every chance he gets. When asked about his personal motto’s Michael said this:

“Without sounding too cliché, mine would be along the lines of doing what makes you happy and never giving up.” Michael admitted, “But I’ve also always liked – ‘Just do it’. Three words that say a lot. What have you got to lose?”

Welcome to the team Michael!


You can find Michael O’Connor on LinkedIn here.