Nic Horton: Bringing a strategic and human-centred approach to Opyl

Who is Nic Horton?

Nic Horton is creative, courageous and naturally curious. With over seven years of experience in exploring new communication technologies, novel marketing techniques and emerging content strategies, Nic is always willing to push boundaries and go against the grain to bring the most accurate insights and the best outcomes for clients.

“There are communication technology and social media businesses left, right and centre out there. But one that truly lives and breathes an ethical yet innovative approach to helping organisations and causes, and genuinely and meaningfully connects with people, was the spark that piqued my interest in Opyl,” Nic explained.

Nic was first introduced to Opyl as a freelancer in 2018, coming in to support the team with strategy development and creative services solutions across social media, content and branding.

Now, as our Client and Relationship Manager, Nic brings a strategic and human-centred approach to projects, an approach that is designed to inspire, activate and improve social and health outcomes.

“For me, a human-centred approach is always at the core of everything I do, and to find an organisation whose entire business model is about putting people first, where the focus is giving patients a real voice in their health management, was something that resonated with me.”

Away from work, you are likely to find Nic in an hours-long odyssey through Spotify, hanging with his two greyhounds, tending to his enormous indoor jungle or jet setting (pre-COVID) off to some far-away destination.

Nic’s biggest influence has been his upbringing. Growing up in a small town in regional Queensland, he was encouraged by his parents to explore the world through a unique lens. Nic has worked with culturally diverse, regional and disadvantaged communities, which has enriched his understanding and his insight into the real challenges lived by so many people and how communication needs to be shaped to achieve genuine impact.

“As a youngster, my parents taught and empowered me to foster an independence that was built on a solid foundation of values associatedwith respect and agency. I was able to learn, to fail, to try new things, to face tough situations and at times, go without. All of that has been the biggest influence on who I’ve been able to grow into and the kind of person I choose to be.”

Nic is excited about the future, especially with the opportunities emerging for Opyl in clinical trial recruitment and social media optimisation. He believes COVID-19 has highlighted the critical (even life-saving) role of social networking technologies and creative content.

“Creatives and strategists in our field are finally being recognised as essential, for the impact that we have in sharing critical health information and influencing a deeper understanding of COVID-19 conditions that has kept our community safe and socially connected during the lockdown.”


You can find Nic on LinkedIn here.